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Very good

I love this app ❤️


Muito bom

Very good!

Very good to keep fresh memory about the procedures. It couldnt be perfect: its a simulation... But its realistic enough! Additionally, its free, and developed by renowned institutions and professionals.


This App is so amazing

Best app ever?

Im 13 years old, turning 14 in August and I have a dream to become a surgeon (because of Greys Anatomy). I have practiced an appy over and over until I got 100% and I find it so fun. Im currently doing an arterial line. :)

Sweet App!

As a student looking to become a doctor its great to have a source to see step by step how procedures take place. I find it incredibly interesting and this app demonstrates the procedures very well.

Unable to use this app

I cant create an account to use this app it keeps saying an error occurred while downloading when creating the account. I would love to try it and give it more stars but until thats fixed one is all it can get.

Photo upload doesnt work

I cant upload my ID photo to verify my account. Very annoying. And there are only 3 countries to choose from for the "medical ID" portion so I basically cant verify at all and use all the functions.

in love

the only thing i would do i make a bulit in or board so when u scheduled a surgery it would remind u

Wont let me even create an account

It says I cant create an account go find better connection for the past 3 days. I went to different places to try and create an account and it dosent work

Great but

Italian pleaseeed

Very Good but....

I Love this App but there is nothing with gynecological

Cant Use!

It wont even let me create my account. This app was suggested by a friend who said it was really interesting, but I cant use it! Please fix this bug issue!

Great app

Im no surgeon, but I want to be. Its fun and its educational. The detail is nice


I dont understand all of the reviews..this is a perfect surgeon game. It should become famous to be honest! It works great and yes you do have to have wifi for those reviews. This is an amazing game! Im looking to be a surgeon and this is perfect! It gives you a help/understanding mode and a for real-no help mode. This is the best hospital app! Very realistic...very realistic. I love all the different kinds of surgeries you can do. Really I would just defiantly recommend it to EVERYONE wanting an amazing surgeon game. Keep up the good work makers this is the best!

Worked great

Worked fine for me Im no doctor for sure but I could learn a lot just from watching it

Favorite Surgeon App

Im going to Med school in a few years and wanted to get some more knowledge about different types of surgeries and tools, etc. This app really helps and its realistic. I absolutely love this app.

Not working

Wouldnt let me create an account???? It just wouldnt ????

Best Surgery App Ever Made

If you want an app for all types of surgery, then you came to the right place. Ive inly used this app for a few hours and I could already tell that its amazing. It has great details and instructions. You really feel like a med student or a surgical resident. The app treats you like a doctor and is very fun. Maybe even addicting. Ive always wanted to be a surgeon but could never watch their videos on YouTube. No one will need YouTube when they get this app. Its everything in one. From Neurosurgery to Urology, its extraordinary. If you want an app for surgery, get this one. You wont regret it. trust me.

Incredible APP

This App is very helpful as it can be a source to save lives. There are great simulations of surgery. The App gives basic knowledge to the people without any medical background. It is great for people who are interested in being a surgeon or that career path. Must DOWNLOAD the app.

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