Touch Surgery, Surgical Simulator App Reviews

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Not sure if i can play?

Do you have to be a healthcare professional to play? Because im not one but want to do surgeries

Very Helpful

I use this app everyday , it teaches you step by step of surgical procedures and you can pick from a lot of different surgeries


Gorgeous game!!

Great At First

I loved this app to start off...I performed one or their surgeries and after that it began to crash. Everytime i tried to go back on the app it kicked me off. Im so upset :( i really enjoyed it. please fix!!!


This game/simulator is so gross and educational, its like surgeon simulator but more realistic.


The game dont download when you give all your stuff its a scam


This app includes amazing surgeries in all fields. The surgeries are very detailed, it tells you step by step what to do and they include a test to see how much you know. Very useful for those who want to learn as well as for those who need to refresh their memory on certain procedures! Great app!


Dont download it can find your information,check emails,send emails to other people without permission,change your wall paper, take pics without knowing,delete some meomory without letting you know and etc . Delete it if you already downloaded plz watch out "ONCE AGAIN DONT DOWNLOAD"!!!!

Love this but

I love this app but since the new update every time I open it it logs me out. Fix this please :"(

The app keeps crashing!!

Its boring.

Its seriously just about learning. Its not a game, it makes you practice and it tests you by only asks question you dont get to do anything

Be cautious

I was interested on this for education purposes. If you plan to play this just know that you need to create an account with an email. And all of the sudden after creating one I started receiving spam emails not sure if they share emails or if they were breached. I dont give my email away often.

Wont let me even create an account

It says I cant create an account go find better connection for the past 3 days. I went to different places to try and create an account and it dosent work


It crashes on iPhone 7 . Does not work well


This App is so amazing

in love

the only thing i would do i make a bulit in or board so when u scheduled a surgery it would remind u

Very Good but....

I Love this App but there is nothing with gynecological

Great Learning Tool

Ive recommended this app to a couple of my friends already. Its a great educational app that teaches and lets you brush up on procedures.


This is a great learning tool. I would highly recommend it.

Good so far

Only tried one procedure so far. Very informative. It teaches better then the TV ER reality series. My textbooks so far are too broad. I dont know why they need to know you go to medical school and require a school ID badge. Weird since it is only simulation.

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